weschadcropThe Moonhanger Group is the parent company of the Rookery, Dovetail, H&H, El Camino, Moonhanger Catering, and Cox Capitol Theatre. Moonhanger Group is owned by Wes Griffith and Chad Evans, who are both local enthusiasts and have been in the service industry and entertainment field all of their lives.

Wes and Chad bought the Rookery in September of 2009, and through a very hands-on approach to re-invigorating the Rookery, a Macon institution since 1976, they began to create a culture and atmosphere that has become the Moonhanger Group. Wes and Chad share an enthusiastic vision of Macon with great reverence to the diverse history of the city and especially the music and arts.

While running the Rookery together, we began to notice how our personalities and visions affected our folks, that our people were our greatest asset, and that a lively downtown was an idea that excited a lot of people.

– Chad Evans, co-founder

The name Moonhanger Group became official shortly after the purchase of the Rookery, and the Group committed itself to a set of core values:

  • Passion
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Community
  • Expertise
  • Self-fulfillment
  • Efficiency
  • Cleanliness

As Dovetail emerged in October 2012, the Moonhanger Group catering division began to grow. In 2013, the Moonhanger Group began managing the Cox Capitol Theatre, and in 2014, H&H Soul Food joined the family. In 2016, the Moonhanger Group added their fourth restaurant, El Camino.

For employment opportunities with the Moonhanger Group, please call 478-718-1444.